9/11 Remembrance

Do you remember where you were on 9/11/2001?

I do.

The summer was coming to a close and fall semester had just started.  A few weeks prior to the day, my father and I were having a conversation about national tragedies, and how they affect our nation. One thing he said that has forever stuck in my head all these years and on the day of:

“Brit, you will face a national tragedy in your lifetime”

At the time I really thought but did not say out loud “What? No, impossible, we’re grownups here”.  Although I did keep that statement in the back of my head and thought what if he ended up being right after all?  I got my answer just two weeks later…

That morning I was awakened by a phone call from my sister: “Brit, turn on the TV, a airplane struck one of the World Trade Towers in New York. Hurry it is all over the place” Quickly I turned it on and saw it.  I thought, that sucks, and how did they not see that, as I truly thought it was an accidental crash.

That lasted only a few minutes… until the second airplane hit.  I knew it was no accident seeing the second plane and all of a sudden my father’s statement pierced my inner thoughts “Brit, you will face a national tragedy in your lifetime”  This was a national tragedy.

I remember that day for both the nation coming together and at the same time falling to pieces.  I was impressed with the outpouring of individual AND businesses that gave in the first few days to weeks following the day.

Something that bothered me on that day was a young women who was middle eastern came into my job, and stopped to look at the cashiers and I, asking us if she was “allowed” to shop here- stunned my coworkers and I all looked at each other and unanimously said “Of course.”  I know at the time the middle east was being blamed for the attack, but I was brought up that it is individuals, not ethnic groups. So I had no problem, but in the weeks following I saw such hatred for the group, and that was how the nation was falling apart.

But let me focus on the positives in that moment. Where I worked, there was a blood donation center; it has always been there, but on and the days following 9/11 the lines went all the way down and around the shopping center. Grocery Stores and other delis in the area were donating snacks and water for the people in the line. I was so humbled to see this and on my breaks I would go out and chat with them, learning about them, and all of their connections to 9/11.  Funds were created within hours and our nation was growing together as a family – no longer divided by our different ethnic groups or class.  I think it was the first time ever that I saw where the nation spoke as one, not a nation of many. The nation came together and helped out, became more patient and compassionate to all.

It was inspiring to say the least.

Ten years later, I am still learning from 9/11 in how to be compassionate and that when we all join together and help out it betters the soul.  Maybe that is why One Ear Productions enjoys working and partnering up as everyone involved is bettering their business or connections  to charitable causes.

While I never knew personally any family affected by 9/11 I do know that the pain was felt by everyone and that we truly will not forget but if there is one thing we should walk away with, it is:

While 9/11 was a national tragedy, the nation came together in one of the worst moments
and forged new/renewed friendships, by our fierce love for our people & our nation.

Let’s Continue on that path …