about us

What we do at Moonlight Designs Studio
Here at Moonlight Designs Studio, our job is to creatively design your business marketing/family event materials. We provide classy designs that are suited for your taste and industry.  Our creative minds work across the board in web, print & video to bring you a one stop shop with all services at an affordable rate.  The best part:  you are in the best creative hands for your needs and we are honest with you throughout the duration of your project(s).

How we do it at Moonlight Designs Studio
Our top priority is our clients and their specific needs; it is very important to us that we keep an open line of communication with you and we know that branding your company is very important.  We take it seriously as all of our designing is centered on the consistency of the brand you wish to establish, whether newly minted or a complete overhaul to the existing brand.  Your project undergoes creative design researching and when it comes to website needs we test on a wide range of platforms, browsers, and devices.

This is where our  “geeky-ness” comes out as we stay on top of the latest trends, devices and software to develop your stunning collection of marketing masterpieces that best represent your business (or family event).

Two little women with BIG hearts
One thing that we were taught growing up was that the more you give, the more you get in return and we fully believe that with our hearts.  Since 2007, Moonlight has donated at least 10% of our yearly income back to the local community.  We understand that without the support of you and the community we would not have lasted as long as we have.  Each year we have donated sites to community specific non-profits or groups that are close to our hearts.  At times we do a monthly fundraiser for a specific cause and a portion of our profits of that month are donated in addition to the normal yearly percentage.

Each year we have successfully donated more than the previous year.  When you join our creative family please let us know if there is a specific cause you would like us to consider as we are always open to unique foundations that excel in our communities.

Meet the Partners in Design at Moonlight Designs Studio

Stefanie knew she wanted to do something with computers the very first time her father brought home a huge IBM PC computer home when she was 10.  By high school, she was a self-taught HTML and CSS coder and had a blog with quite a large following.
In her senior year of high school, her Graphic Design teacher asked her to assist him in teaching the class the entire year because he felt she had more experience in the field than he did.  She began spending hours teaching herself about PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, as well as stay up-to-date with the most recent versions of CSS and HTML.

After high school, she began working at Circuit City stores selling and repairing computers.  She worked there for 3 and a half years where she was able to build a strong knowledge of PC’s and MAC’s as well as continuing her personal education of design work.

In the past 10 years since she first began doing web design, she has done freelance work for real estate companies, authors, hockey instructors, and consultants.  She loves starting with a blank canvas and with graphic and coding design turning it into something beautiful.

Currently, Stefanie does freelance work and resides outside of Boston with her fiancee, stepson and daughter.

Brit Springer | Multimedia Designer

Brit always loved being creative; her major in college was computer imaging (with a minor in painting). She got her first internet job in 2005, which led to her becoming a full time multimedia designer.  Brit’s work includes websites, print, and video editing; some of her favorite projects have included editing segments for television, designing a bus ad (that ended up with an expanded run), the Olympics in 3D website, and print work for the nationally recognized Little Free Library.

Although Brit loves to paint, she finds that graphic design is very much like a blank canvas, and she enjoys seeing a project take shape. Brit lives with her husband near Madison, Wisconsin.


We are actively looking for new local clients in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and nationally as our goal for 2013 is to continue to grow.