Awesome Madison

Community Love / Logo Development / WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT / Social Media / Branding

Scope of Work:

In December one of our good friends, R.B., asked us to meet with him along with a few others to discuss bringing something awesome to Madison.  This movement is all about gathering up to ten trustees who each donate $100 (which adds up to $1k) to awesome projects.  Folks have to apply for the grant(s) and then the crew picks.  We were asked if we wanted to help spread the awesome{ness} in designing their website and social media, along with a logo that is somewhat the same as the Awesome Foundation‘s, but with a twist. (So respectfully, we did not come up with the two triangles).

The funny part, was that Awesome Madison was so stoked they announced prior the site being live, so there was a mad dash to finish it up in less than 24 hrs.

The fact that we are part of this awesome movement, which fits the core of who we (Moonlight Designs Studio) are in building up our local communities and small businesses.