Miracles in Massage

Branding / Logo Development / GRAPHIC DESIGN

Scope of Work:

  • ~Logo

In December one of our clients, FACEIT Skin Fitness had recommended us to Miracles in Massage when it was decided to look into a logo design once more. Working with Jeanne, was fabulous, in that she knew what she wanted and was very detailed.  For some time she has tried to have a logo created, but was never quite excited over them.  What I want is to see our clients eyes sparkle when they see what we have come up and when they don’t that means we missed the mark.  With Miracles in Massage, I could see Jeanne nearly just “accepting” of the first round-  I told her that is not what we want from her- she should really be EXCITED over the logo, this is after all  something that will be used in pretty much everything from business cards, to banners and feel pride when looking at all of those.  It may have taken a few rounds but it’s worth it to see Jeanne excited over the final logo design.

Being challenged,  as this always ends up breaking the rules in a fun way and expanding the creative thought.