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Madison Green Box

Scope of Work:

In 2011, shortly after moving to Wisconsin  Moonlight Designs Studio meet Lori from Madison Green Box at a local women’s networking group.  She had her logo and a business card that she loved.  We were asked if could help with some print marketing materials.  Than in 2012, a new website was requested.

Designing a vehicle wrap was epic, just gonna throw that out there! 

Every site there are challenges and hurdles to overcome.  While building their site they had a few specific requests that I knew could be done but I have not yet done them.  I also was going to reorganize some of the site to make it easier on users. A fun one was doing the “ accordion” affect with the FAQs section-  I think I actually played on that page just clicking away to see if I could break it, but I failed at breaking it (which is a good thing by the way).  I also used flash on the site so that required to create mobile compliant version as some devices do not display flash content. Finally the toughest challenge was getting five forms condensed into one – it took a lot of time to think it over and lucky for me I built the entire site while thinking about how to accomplish this.  When the time came to code it – it went fairly smoothly which was awesome.

Another point programmers/ designers have are how servers read code.  Once the site was given final approval to “go LIVE” I uploaded it all and everything looked great.  When it came time to testing the forms (as most coders do when they launch)  that is were the excitement turned to near despair as the forms were not working.  Quickly I tested it back on my test server and it worked – it it was not the code, but rather the server.  After Google-ing the issue, it was resolved after a bit of tweaking and luckily the new site was able to stay live.

Hurdles +  Challenges = Great Rewards