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Why Offer Photo Booth Services?

Brittany Springer

So you might be wondering why offer photo booth services in addition to graphic design?  Well for one I have been an IT person for a photo booth clients for over five years, and providing custom photo strip designs.  I have spoken to one of my clients about my venture, they were excited - new back up photobooth.  This lead to to believe that this may just be the right time to jump into offering it now.

One thing I miss working from home is "adult interaction" -  you see I work out of my home and 98% of my time is at home in my office.  It would be nice to shake things up, but at the same time bring a smile, and have fun, help others have fun too.  After going to a few events (to trouble shoot the booth) over the past few years, I have honestly just really enjoyed being at the events.  

My new booth is very interactive and I cannot wait to use it (for a real event)  It's not like any booth I have ever seen recently and I'm stoked.  

So if you need a photo booth for your event and/or you know someone that does, please contact me today and BOOK ME as right now my summer is fairly open :-) 


New Photo Booth Service Details:

  • Booth is a mirror, you just look into it and interact with it.
  • Features include: games, social media integration*, email*, Custom strip design & layout of strip photo. Green screen ability (background changed scenery)
  • Unlimited photo taking during event
  • Props available on request
  • Service Area: Serve Madison and Janesville areas, (outside areas will add a travel cost.)
  • Booth Packages available.
  • BOOK TODAY to enjoy 50% off -- LIMITED time and DATES available for this discount

*Wifi must be available at event venue.

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