Dane Buy Local & Other Community News

Last month one of our clients recommended that I go with them to a networking event.  It was hosted by Dane Buy Local.  Due to schedule conflict and an upcoming trip, it was decided to wait until July.

Think Local First

As July settled down I started reseaching Dane Buy Local, as I have been actively looking for local networking businesses and clients.  One thing that caught my attention is their slogan: Think Local First. For that is how I think, how can MDS better the local community? Granted my thoughts are geared towards local charities and youth groups to help and donate too, but I have been trying to network more and more with local businesses as a way to connect and meet to get inspired on my projects.

Another important reason for thinking local is I have grown up that the more the merrier and by that I mean I would rather help  a few local business along with mine grow and build an incredible reputation as being very informative and help clients in referring them to the right businesses (if MDS does not provide a service that is needed) as that build trust among clients.

The hope for this as well as my other networking membership is to grow Moonlight Designs Studio, into a company that is known for its dedication and compassion to each and every local, national client that joins our family.  For without our community, we would have not lasted as long as we have and continued growth.

Check Out Our Profile on Dane Buy Local for more info.

While we are on the subject of Community involvement, I thought I should share with you what MDS has done or what is near and dear to our hearts:

  • • MDS Donates up to $3k per year since it has opened its doors.
  • • Funded in Art Club (Owner LOVES the Arts!)
  • • Currently researching ideas to keep Arts in the Schools.
  • • Donates Services to Local Events.
  • • Donates to Health Causes (Humans/Animals)
  • • Would like to Support Movie Theater Captions in all theaters (not just a few showings either)
  • • Looking to donate designs to local charities for Adults and Kids