iOS? Of Course…

Here at Moonlight Designs Studio, we have been having a debate- Should we design for iOS or not? Clearly if you know us well, we have all sorts of Apple products floating around and with the owner just (finally) acquiring an iPhone, it seems natural that the time has come to start a new venture into the mobile world.

About a month ago we stumbled on an request for a designer to help out with an overhaul to an app.  As most know we love a good challenge and since the app is already currently available, we decided to respond.  Next thing you know we are designing it for iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, and iPad 1, & 2.  We learned a lot about the format and have been in close contact with the developer to make sure that they have all that they need.

Once the current app has been updated we will post info on the Name and the developer that we helped.  We look forward to working with them in the future.  We felt that if we are going to be designing apps, than we should register with Apple to make sure there are no problems in the future when a developer is releasing apps for the public.