Still Thinking Local First

So remember in 2011 when we posted about Dane Buy Local? Well last year was a tight year for MDS and we had to cut costs in all corners, sadly we had to cut our membership out.  We made a promise that when the time was right we would re-join.  That time has come and we are excited to announce that we are now back as members. And in celebration, we’re offering a discount to current members of Dane Buy Local.  All you have to do is tell us you are a member (and we’ll verify that) to be awarded the discount.

Even though we had to take a step back, we never stopped giving back to the community, as that is very important to us. The community is what has made us successful but more importantly we care about our local community.  We have forged great working partnerships as a result of our in kind services (and donations), one being with Little Free Library.

While we are on the subject of community involvement, I thought I should share with you what MDS has done since our last community post:

  • Randomly we select one or two non-profits (or community driven) and donate a full website.
  • Average yearly donations are 10% or more pending profits.
  • Involved with our local community.
  • Donate our services for smaller projects.
  • Donate money to local non-profits and community events. Help sponsor events when we can.