About Us


Hello my name is Brit and I own Moonlight Designs Studio.  I have been a multimedia designer since 2005 as I hold a BA in Computer Imaging.  I started out as a web designer but than self taught to expand in print and video mediums. 

Most likely you have seen my work at in various industries from homebuilders, non-profits to veterinarians and beyond.  I truly love my job as a designer.  

About Moonlight Designs Studio

Moonlight Designs Studio was originally named "One Ear Productions" and has been in business since 2007.  Slowly building and expanding in service.  Now offered in addition to custom designed marketing materials, I offer private teaching lessons on software, social media and other areas of interest for businesses and anyone interested in design/promoting.  Also be sure to check out Moonlight Photo Booth - to see our photo booth in action (it can be rented!)


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